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"National Award Winner" Canadian
"Certified Credit Professional"

Welcome to Chand Tax & Debt Ltd.

We are knowledgeable, ethical and independent, Canadian certified credit professional with academic and professional excellence. We offer honest, confidential, impartial advice/services with attention to detail. We are committed to objectivity with professionalism and trustworthiness. We are available to answer your questions and find solutions about your situation.

SUBHASH CHAND served as a Loan Service Manager, Authorizer and Credit adjudicator with Export Development Canada (EDC); American Express Canada, and for PC Financial MasterCard Canada respectively. Also served as a Professor/Lecturer with Schiller International University (An American University of Business and Diplomacy); Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM), France, iift India.


A Trustee in bankruptcy works for your creditors, we work for you.
Our responsibility is to our clients, not to the lending institutions.

Debt Management

If you have serious financial hardship and you cannot pay your debts on:

  1. Loans
  2. Medical Bills
  3. Credit Cards
  4. Lines of Credit
  5. Bank Overdrafts
  6. Tax for CRA
  7. Payday Loans and Many More

You start to occur:

  1. Late Charges
  2. Finance Charges
  3. Over the Limit Fees and Higher Interest Rates
  4. Damage on Credit Report
  5. Collection Hassles From Creditors and Collection Agencies
  6. Wage Garnishment
  7. Problem with CRA
  8. Legal Proceedings Against You and Much More

So, to get your life back on track right away, a debt management plan is required in either way:

  1. Repay debt on your own - in a well managed way and analytical way
  2. Debt Consolidation - Consolidation of all your loans in one monthly payment
  3. Credit Counselling
  4. Debt Settlement
  5. Consumer Proposal
  6. Bankruptcy and Insolvency: If you can’t afford any of option (1-5), personal bankruptcy might be right for you

Solutions Available:

  1. You may get a finance at a much lower interest rate
  2. You can pay interest free reduced debt over a long period
  3. You can keep all your assets (House, Car, Truck, Shop, Factory, Business etc.)
  4. You can Avoid Bankruptcy
  5. You can Repair your credit and can avoid all your future credit problems

It will end the constant stress of massive debt to start enjoying yourself again and will restart your social life back.

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